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Grow into your full potential withpresence based, transformational life and love coaching,using your own body and mind wisdomDon't just dream big.  Live big.

Which direction do you want to go?

Why transformational life coaching?

My journey to health and wellness was one driven by illness, separation and depression. It took me on a decades long, wild goose chase seeking happiness, clarity and connection; moving around the world from home to home and job to job, all the while taking myself further away from true happiness and true connection.

Then I discovered that I’d been carrying the secret with me all along - that I have all that I need to fully accept and embrace happiness, and all of the other emotions we experience with grace, acceptance and perspective - and love myself too. Now I consider myself a joyful, healthy person, a connected, excited, interested and balanced person who is fully embracing life.  I've written more about my journey in about me.  

If you have a goal you want to work towards and are interested in:

  • unlocking your true, boundless potential

  • becoming the best version of yourself


  • you just want to feel good within the process...

  ... BUT, you feel you need some:

  • self-motivation,


  • or you might feel stuck,


  • or you might need more organisation or time to achieve your goals,

  • or you want some focused self-inquiry into to how to achieve your goals,

then perhaps we could both benefit from a conversation. 

What kind of goals?  Sky’s the limit!

  • education,

  • spiritual,

  • career,

  • organisation,

  • time management skills,

  • health,

  • fitness,

  • relationships,

  • business,

  • work,

  • adventure, or

  • you may even just want to figure out what your goal is in the first place. 

What is it all about? 

Exploring your own hidden potential by providing a creative, safe place for it to unfold.


It is NOT a therapy session, NOT a teaching session and NOT a consultancy session. 


YOU are in the driving seat and we will be having a conversation.  My role mainly is asking open questions and working with body wisdom to support you to unlock your own hidden potential yourself – you are the expert in you, no one else is. 

What is coaching?  

The International Coaching Federation say it is:


"partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.  We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck. Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment."

So what happens?
  • Coaching sessions take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour via Zoom.

  • We recommend you have sessions every 2 - 6 weeks for a period of 6 months (more or less) for a minimum of 6 sessions.  However, you can set your own schedule; you can achieve goals quicker, or take longer pauses between sessions, take fewer or more sessions. 

  • No obligation to continue after trying the first free meeting (“the discovery call”) to talk about what coaching is and to see if it's a right fit for us both.

  • The coaching session:

    • if you would like to presence with me at the beginning, you can, if not, we don't.  This is your session.

    • We'll discuss a little about the topic you'd like to explore.  

    • Then we'll nail down a session outcome, a goal that you want to aim for by the end of the session.

    • Then we'll explore this topic in further detail.  

    • I practice presence based coaching, so may invite you to undertake short body wisdom based exercise to hack your own intuition.  This can be anything from exploring your body’s felt sense on a topic, using body wisdom to learn more about your values, subconscious beliefs and behaviours, or even visualisation practices to envision the future you are creating.  You don’t have to accept the invitation and are free to say no at any time - this session is for you, directed by you. See below for more information on presence based coaching.

    • Then you'll set yourself some actions to achieve your session goal.  

    • We'll also explore some road blocks you think might get in your way and you'll search for ways to overcome these.  

    • You'll find a way that you can be accountable for your actions, so that you'll really want to achieve them.

    • We'll explore what resources you already have to achieve your goals and maybe look for some other ones that you'd like to gain in order to work towards your goals.  

    • You can then firm up some timescales and get really specific about what your next action step or steps are. 

This is your path to achievement.  

Why presence based? What does that mean?

Presence could be described as a state of high level, meta-awareness and being in the present moment. You are aware in the moment, aware of yourself, others and your environment in a state of non-evaluation, non-judgement and non-grasping being. You are connected to all inner and outer experiences and have maximum access to creativity, intuition and intelligence. It’s a combination of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Benefits include access to creativity, intuition and intelligence. It allows for honour, trust and respect within and of relationships, it allows for recognising and understanding emotions and behavioral tendencies, for noticing body language and body wisdom, it deepens our sense of curiosity, empathy, it increase levels of gratitude and it nurtures powerful conversations.

It is crucial for successful coaching and goal achievement. It is necessary for the coach to listen intently, stay resourceful, stay creative, stay neutral, stay compassionate and stay available to support clients fully. ‘Presence’ is also crucial as a coaching outcome for you, the client. This is so you can access all of the wonderful benefits of presencing in your life outside of the coaching container.

It is a MASTERY of our internal state, which extends into mastery of our reactions to our external environment.

How can it be achieved? By being in the present moment. You can use various things to anchor you here in this moment such as your breath, the inner felt sense of your body, sounds, touch, smell, narrow visual focus or soft visual focus, in stillness or in focused movement of the body, eyes open or eyes closed.


As a happy human being and a successful coach, I have a number of different daily and intermittent practices I call upon personally to naturally support my presencing skills, so they can be brought to our sessions together. This helps form the safe container we will be working in together.


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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