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Are you a highly sensitive person (HSP)?

I am.  I've many symptoms* most of my life (some are better, some gone, and some I'm still working on).  Do any of these sound like you?

Sensitivity about ourselves

  • having difficultly letting go of negative thoughts and emotions,

  • emotional hangovers (frequently feeling physical symptoms e.g., tired,  headaches or migraines) when something unpleasant happens,

  • bad days affecting self care in an unhealthy way, such as eating, drinking, taking drugs or sleeping too much or too little,

  • often experiencing tension and anxiety,

  • beating ourselves up for not meeting our own or others expectations, even if they were unreasonable.

Sensitivity around others

  • afraid of rejection even in relatively minor situations,

  • judging and comparing ourselves with others, 

  • frustration and resentment about anything unjust, aggravating, or simply annoying,

  • worrying about what others are thinking,

  • taking everything personally (EVERYTHING),

  • difficulty letting things go when triggered by others,

  • hurt feelings in many situations (it was so easy for me!),

  • hiding negative feelings, 

  • hard time accepting critical feedback,

  • feel judged by others,

  • feeling awkward in group situations,

  • self-conscious in romantically intimate situations,

  • uncomfortable in large public crowds, in a room full of people talking, or when too many things are occurring simultaneously.


Sensitivity around the environment

  • uncomfortable when exposed to bright lights, loud sounds, or certain strong scents,

  • startled easily at sudden noises, fast traffic, or other surprises,

  • upset when watching or reading negative news in the media, 

  • unhappy when following people’s posts on social media.

But wait!  There are some amazing gifts too:

HPS's can:

  • notice or enjoy delicate or fine scents, tastes, sounds, or works of art,

  • have a rich and complex inner life,

  • be in-tune with the feelings of others,

  • have gratitude for the simple blessings in their lives,

  • be an excellent parent,

  • avoid shying away from loss,

  • be extremely creative,

  • can make more informed decisions,

  • and can be great conversationalists.

So are you an HSP?

Do you know if you are an HSP? Could you be? 

If you'd like to explore more, there's a perspective changing documentary on Gaia called 'Sensitive: the untold story'. If you'd like to be gifted a free link to the film (lasts for 72 hours), please send me a message.  Gaia are an online, member-supported media network of truth seekers and believers, empowering an evolution of consciousness. They have over 8,000 ad-free, streaming titles that challenge modern paradigms and allow you to manifest the reality that defines your being) beautifully allow sharing by members for free trials to their site).

If you'd like support and coaching with your symptoms and exploring ways to highlight the gifts of being HSP, whilst managing the more challenging symptoms, please feel free to book a FREE discovery session and find out if my coaching is right for you. 

There is hope - after finding out I am an HSP who struggled for decades, just that shift in perspective and understanding helped me immensely. I know what symptoms I can manage and how, and which gifts to nurture, to make life so much more joyful. You can too.

* Symptoms modified from an article by Elain Aron and a list in a Psychology Today article by Preston NI

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