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Mountain View


Each session I undertook with Lisa helped me feel calmer, clearer and able to narrow in on goals that I want to achieve in my professional and personal life.


Lisa is empathetic and thoughtful in her encouragement of personal improvement.

She is an excellent listener and elicited techniques that I am actively using to have a more constructive and organised life routine.

Joe D.

tree surgeon and student

(Oxfordshire, UK)

Lisa you have been an amazing part to my last year of college. Your coaching has made a huge difference to the way I approach my studies and my self confidence.

You helped me to see and recognise feelings and strengths I haven’t appreciated myself.

Thank you for your kindness and guidance.

Linda N.

naturopathic student

(Surrey, UK)

After a couple of coaching sessions Lisa guided me to make tweaks to get back on track towards the goals I had set for myself in the past. Lisa’s transparency and patient attitude made this able to happen quickly. I highly recommend her coaching sessions.

Ben d.

company director

(Isle of Wight, UK)

Lisa is an excellent coach, she has an incredible ability to simultaneously provide you space to explore your feelings and yet keep you focused on the topics you’ve raised.

There’s always a warm welcome when meeting, even via video call, and a genuine desire to see you flourish and succeed. I can’t thank Lisa enough.

Emily B.

arborist / ecologist

(Lincolnshire, UK)

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